Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Popeye Song

Hallie found a whistle, and I obviously just found out how to post videos from my phone, I actually can't believe she sang this in front of a recording device. She is usually too shy. I guess the whistle gave her a little confidence. The kids love popeye. They think he's hilarious, I did too until I heard Hallie saying, "get out of my way shorty!" and "hey kid, snap out of it!" to a friend that was crying.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trent and Hallie sing zipadeedoodah, sort of

Kenzie bouncing herself

We usually bounce Kenzie, but she recently learned how to do it herself!

Too cool for Zipadeedoodah?

She loves to sing this song but a little camera shy, she says the first part and I say,"then what?" and she says, "I don't want to say that." I say, "Why?" and she says,"it's dumb."

If you're happy and you know it...

Trent, Hallie and Kenzie just before church.

After the show

This is Hallie seeing her ballet teacher after the show. Hallie usually gives her hugs but wanted nothing to do with her looking like that. Hallie was pretty weirded out. She loved the show though, and has been showing me what you "really do" in ballet ever since we went.

Oompa Loompa Dance

For all the many people who own Willy Wonka dvd (we got it as a gag gift but didn't realize it was a gag, we were excited about it! thanks noelle!!) One of the special features is that it teaches you how to dance like an oompa loompa. Trent and Hallie got it down!

So freakin excited!

Hallie loves to dress up, and is kind of an all or nothing type personality

John and Kenz

Driving the booster seat

No, the picture is not sideways. They are just driving way too fast!

John's graham cracker castle

So here it is!! John's awesome graham cracker castle! John doesn't go halfway with anything, not even graham cracker houses.

Hallie and her friend behind glass

This was last summer (john took this) when we went to Disneyworld, we were leaving our room to go and Hallie saw a little kid looking out the window so she stopped and stared at him. It was pretty cute, you can kind of see the other kids hand on the window.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

She wears Jordans on Saturdays...

Thanks Uncle Dan for the cute onesie and hat. That was so thoughtful. We miss you, see you soon!!

Thanks Marquise!

Kenzie's aunt Marquise sent this cute outfit for her. Thank you so much. We miss you Marquise!

We made sugar cookies and had fun frosting and decorating them, and I don't if any of you have used the recipe out of the "Dickson Kitchen Bible" but this recipe is definately for like 800 cookies. I used a third of the recipe and it made a huge pile of cookies. I still have dough in the freezer.
Trent was the first one down the stairs this Christmas, I'm not sure if he fell when he got to the bottom or if he just slid the whole way, or jumped the flight... he was so excited. (For those of you who don't know, John has to sing before the kids can come down so sometimes their anicipation gets the best of them...and me, in fact I don't know when the sound of "All the Bells" isn't gonna make my heart surge with adrenelin and the urge to run)
I love his pic of Kenz, I was saying, "Kenzie's all warm!" and I luckily had my phone in my pocket to catch her pretty smile.

Just sweeping grass...with a mop

Here's Hallie helping John sweep the grass with the mop. She's a good helper.


I love these pics of Trent. I went to his school and he showed me his desk with his name tag, he's so cute, he reminds me of John in this pic. He's got a lot of school spirit with his Rams shirt. He's also got some great friends, here's some of them at halloween. Trent opted out on being a superhero cause he wanted to be scary...I wonder where he gets it??

Old Halloween pics

So, I didn't get these pics up with the other Halloween pics mostly cause I look like a crazy person instead of a witch and her kitty. Anyway, I love this picture of John and Kenz cause she's looking right at him. He treats the girls like little princesses, it's adorable. I was dressed up cause Trent had his bday party on Halloween after school and he wanted me to be dressed up too. I told my friend I was just going to be a witch cause it was easy and she goes, "oh cause you don't have to dress up or anything..." very funny. I should have seen that one coming Biff.

"The Grand Fireworks"

Trent was so proud of his painting he named "The Grand Fireworks". He entered into the Reflections contest at school, the theme was "WOW". He said that when he sees the fireworks crashing in the air it makes him think wow! I went to the school when they were having an assembly to announce who won at his school and much to our surprise our little Trenton won!! I came to show support, and to console if I needed to, but I didn't need to! I couldn't help but be a little proud of him for trying so hard.


Hallie's has a different favorite princess everyday but most of the time it's Belle for some reason. She was really impressed when she met her at Disneyworld last summer I guess. Anyway, she asked for a Belle dress for Christmas. Trent and I found some scrap material at Walmart and so I made a dress for her, no pattern, ya I was surprised that it worked too. I said a lot of prayers. She loves it and she has to have her hair just right, shoes, lip gloss, the whole bit. She walks around so sweet and tries to act like a princess...then she gets hot and strips down to her usual daily attire- princess panties and nothing else.

My Handsome Prince

We don't have too many pictures of us together, John took this with his phone and I took the other one to the right with my phone. I can't believe we will be celebrating our 8th anniverserary in April. It's been an interesting adventure to say the least. We have had some pretty great times, and I can safely say the best times of my life include my handsome hottie of a husband. He is such a sweetie sometimes. I love his sense of humor and his driven approach to life, he keeps us all upbeat and positive. I am really proud of him and what he's accomplished and helped others accomplish. Sometimes I don't appreciate him as much as I could or should. He is the best dad to our kids and they love him and look up to him so much. The other day Hallie asked me, "Is Daddy your handsome prince?" and I said, "Yes, he is." It was so cute, she smiled so big and asked if I married him in a beautiful dress. She thought I was so lucky. I am, I married my handsome dream prince!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kenzie's Special Day

After Kenzie was blessed a man in our ward was nice enough to take our picture.

Kenzie on her Blessing Day

Kenzie was blessed by John on December 7th. It was a beautiful blessing and she looked like an angel

Oh, were you done with these mom?

Hallie was helping me make some whip cream and then after I gave her the beater and went to get my camera she asked so maturely, "Oh, were you done these mom? Thanks." It was way too cute. She loves helping me cook/bake.

Our Little Halli-rina

Little Halli-rina at her ballet class they got to dress up in Nutcracker costumes for Christmas time. She loves showing us all her new moves when she gets home. She loves dancing, singing, ponies, kitties, anything girly.

Graham Cracker houses

We decorated grahm cracker houses and John's has yet to be finished...He made a castle that maybe some of you have seen and just thought is was a passalong email. No, John doesn't do anything half-way and that includes graham cracker houses for Christmas. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tinkerbell and the Ghost

Ready to play!!

Snow BOY

Making a snow angel

Snow Princess

Hallie just chillin'

Snow Baby

Kenzie in her little white bear outfit for the cold, from Karah.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kenzie Louise

This is little Kenzie on her first day. She is such a little sweetie, we all just love her. If you ask Trent if she cries he will say, "She's cried like 6 or 8 times." Hallie will take every opportunity to put one of her pretty blankets on or something pretty for her head cause she doesn't have hair yet. We are so blessed to have her in our family and our home, she has made us all so happy.

John and Kenzie


Take us for a ride Grandma!!

Grandma loves taking the kids for rides in the wagon, and they love it back! Hallie and Berkley love going to grandma's, who doesn't? Where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came, you wanna be where you can see troubles are all the same you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Don't cry Emily...kidding.

Look at the camera!

Cute Little Berkley

I just thought this was an adorable picture of Berkley

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes!! Candy!!!

Always the favorite tradition of Easter, the baskets.

Last Easter

I love Easter pictures, Hallie obviously enjoyed the basket part of the morning. Her beautiful dress was made by her Grandma Dickson.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Sisters

Hallie and Kenzie

At the hospital

Everyone's favorite photo op, post labor and delivery shot.

Kenzie sleeping

She actually got into this position on her own, with her hands, and I thought it was so cute.

Trent and Hallie

Halelujuah, a new post!! Kenzie Louise

Friday, December 7, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our View

Isn't this beautiful? This is our view from our kitchen back door. The leaves have changed and it's gorgeous. The other picture is the sunrise from our back door. I took this picture the morning that our entire family went to the temple before Jake went on his mission.